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Wax vs Gel: How to Choose Wisely?

Gel and wax are undoubtedly favorite hair products for men. But with options like powder wax, Red One gel, depilatory wax, hair jelly, or coloring styling wax, it can sometimes be challenging to make the right choice. Here's everything you need to know to choose the best product according to your needs.

All About Hair Gel

What Exactly is Gel?

Arguably the most well-known hair product, gel allows you to shape your hair as desired. While there are hundreds of formulas, styling gel often consists of water, polymers, gelling and thickening agents, as well as preservatives.

What is Hair Gel Used for in Men?

Hair gel can serve many purposes. It helps to fix your hair exactly as you want it and adds shine. It also gives your hair a nice hold and adds more volume to your mane. Depending on the styling gel you choose, you can refine your look according to your desires. With it, you can explore various styles, from a neat hairstyle to wild curls or textured effects, letting your creativity flow freely.

How to Use Hair Gel Properly for Men?

For optimal use of gel, take a small amount in your hand and apply it to washed and damp hair. This ensures even distribution, prevents clumps, and protects your hair. You can then add a bit more to areas where needed, such as longer or damaged hair. Depending on the desired style, you can shape your hair with your fingers, a brush, or a comb. Most of the time, you can blow-dry your hair after application.

What are the Advantages of Hair Gel?

The first advantage of gel is its long-lasting hold. Whether it's gel to slick back hair or organic hair gel, they maintain your hairstyle for several hours, making it very convenient if you want to keep a flawless style for a long time. Extra strong gel even withstands humidity for maximum hold.

The second advantage of gel is the range of possibilities it offers. Depending on your moods and daily events, gel can give you a refined, classic, or eccentric look. It allows everyone to replicate their favorite hairstyle or try out new ones.

Gel also has the major advantage of not being greasy, leaving no residue, and being completely transparent.

Another quality of professional hair gel is that it provides a noticeable volume boost. It can be used to add more hold and density to your hair.

Gel is also appealing because it's very easy to apply and doesn't require any specific accessories. Even without expertise in hairstyling, you can change your look in no time. And if you don't like the result, just rinse it off to try another hairstyle.

Finally, gel is optimal for taming unruly hair. It can handle curls, frizz, and kinky hair effectively.

All About Hair Wax

What is Hair Wax?

Wax adds texture, density, and shine to hair. Originally made from wax with added oil, this product often contains polymers like gel but has a much thicker texture. While gel is transparent, wax is creamy.

What is Styling Wax Used for?

The main purpose of hair wax is to reshape and sculpt your hair. With it, fine hair can appear much thicker, textured, and defined. Each type of wax has specific qualities. For example, Keratin wax nourishes the hair deeply. Gloss wax offers soft and silky hair, while coloring wax reduces the appearance of early baldness.

How to Use Hair Wax Properly for Men?

Wax is applied to clean, slightly damp hair. To do this, take a small amount in the palm of your hand. To make it easier to spread, rub your hands together, kneading the wax. Ensure it's distributed evenly, from the roots to the tips. With your fingers or styling tools, you can then experiment to create the desired style.

What are the Advantages of Hair Wax?

The primary quality of wax is its ability to shape your hair gently. It provides elaborate and elegant hairstyles while maintaining a natural look. It's an excellent solution for damaged, falling, or thinning hair as it revitalizes and energizes the hair.

Wax also offers a silky and shiny texture, particularly on dull hair.

Unlike gel, wax is easily adjustable throughout your day. Without needing water, you can modify your hairstyle at any time.

Another advantage of wax is the creative freedom it offers. With it, you can explore natural-looking styles or sophisticated hairstyles. Some products, such as Red One blue wax, even give your hair an electrifying and original tint.

Like gel, wax also helps tame unruly strands or curls. This is especially the case with extra-strong wax for hair.

Choosing Your Wax or Gel Based on Your Hair Type

Finding the right hair care depends on your hair type. The product won't be the same if you have damaged or falling hair, curly hair, or gray hair. Here are our tips for choosing the best product according to your needs.

If You Have Dry, Damaged, or Dull Hair:

In general, wax is recommended if you have dry hair. This is especially true for keratin wax and gloss wax, which revitalize damaged hair. However, some gels are also formulated for dry hair, such as RedOne Hair Gel with Argan Oil. As a hydrating hair gel, it deeply nourishes and adds shine. And to boost dull hair, RedOne Red or RedOne Blue wax is ideal. They give any hair a captivating and refreshing tint.

If You Have Fine or Falling Hair:

A common issue for many men, wax helps reduce the effects of hair loss. Coloring wax has the power to conceal early balding. Also known as hair dye wax or hair coloring wax, this product is applied throughout your hair to hide falling hair. If you have fine hair, prioritize a special volume black styling gel, which gives a denser look.

If You Have Gray or White Hair:

It may seem obvious, but you shouldn't use black coloring wax on gray or white hair. Fortunately, there's wax specially designed to meet your needs. This includes gray hair wax, also known as gray styling wax. For even lighter hair, opt for white hair coloring wax or RedOne white wax.

If You Have Curly or Frizzy Hair:

Gel is undoubtedly the enemy of frizz and unruly hair. Products like smoothing gel or hair slicking gel are recommended. Very potent, there's even gel that tames curly hair well, also known as afro hair gel. However, if you prefer wax, some brands cater very well to this need. This includes Red One wax for curly hair or Red One afro hair wax.

If You Have Thick or Greasy-Prone Hair:

In general, it's best to avoid wax if you have greasy-prone hair. Opt for gel, which gives a shiny texture to your hair without the greasy effect. You can also choose matte wax, which has the power to make hair less greasy. For thick hair, it depends on your preferences. You can prioritize a shiny, textured effect or even add color with a product like RedOne Orange Wax.